If you live in the Luzern area, Sutton ales are now available via a monthly or two-monthly real ale subsciption. 

Sign up for a Luzern monthly beer delivery abo right here on my Patreon supporters page and I will deliver you a mixed case of premium Sutton real ales right to your doorstep every month.....


Prize News:


Zug Brewfest 2018

Happy to announce our 8.2% Collab beer "Hill of Angels Abbey Dubbel" scored another gong today. 2nd Place at The People's Choice award at the ever popular Zug Brewfest. 

Thanks go also to the Brauerei Keimling brewers for their collaboration with this beer.

More info about the beer is right here:



May 29th 2018

Drinks of the World

Luzern Bahnhof

Drinks of the World (underneath the Luzern train station) will be stocking Sutton Pale Ale and High Hops IPA in 330ml bottles.


It is offered for sale pre-chilled :)



April 19th 2018


Grabenstrasse 8


Jazzkantine have kindly agreed to stock the newly released Sutton Pale Ale (4.7%abv) and the award-winning Sutton Burton IPA - India pale Ale (5.6%abv) for the summer season.


Jazzkantine also stocks a some other local craft brewed beers; so an extra thanks to Jazzkantine (Rahel and the team) for supporting the newly blossoming local Luzern brewing scene!! Cheers!! 


We are pleased to announce that Sutton English Best Bitter has been awarded a Bronze Medal at World Beer Idol 2018 in Prague, Czech Republic.



Brauerei Sutton is pleased to announce that we have won four silver medals at the first national Swiss Beer Award 2017/18 in Bern, Switzerland.

The Silver Medal winning beers: 

Butcher's Brown Ale

Burton IPA

Swiss Gold

Hill of Angel's Abbey Dubbel

Here is a link to a newspaper article describing the event (in German):

Live news stream via Instagram @suttonbrewing


Brauerei Sutton makes the Swiss newspapers today


August 10th 2017

Kehl Tabak & Getranke 

Haldenstrasse 25

6006 Luzern

Mr. Kehl has kindly agreed to test-stock a few Sutton brews in his most excellent drinks and tobacco emporium. Hurrah! 


From today, Mr. Kehl is stocking Sutton's Burton IPA (5.6%abv), Alcoholic GInger beer (5.1%abv), Swiss Gold (4.8%abv) and The Sutton/Keimling collaboration brew, the Hill of Angels Abbey Dubbel (8.2%abv).


June 24th 2017


Hotel & Restaurant Kaiserstuhl

Brünigstrasse 232
6078 Bürglen am Lungernsee

Mountains, valleys and the gorgeous Lake Lungern meet at your plate­side when you dine at the Restaurant Kaiserstuhl! Their fantastic local and seasonal dishes attract both holiday guests and locals alike (and their amazing basket of Lungern Lake Trout fish & chips is easily the best fish & chips I have ever had in Switzerland!).

From today Hotel Restaurant Kaiserstuhl will serve Brauerei Sutton's "Hill of Angels Abbey Dubbel" (8.2%abv) and it will be featured on their restaurant and bar menus.


June 23rd 2017


Engelberg Trail Hotel

Dorfstrasse 14

6391 Engelberg

Since 1854 Hotel Engelberg has served it's clients in a warm and personal way.


Surrounded by the beautiful mountains of Central Switzerland and located in the very heart of the Engelberg village, Hotel Engelberg is famous locally for it's welcome, it's food......and soon for it's great beer!


From today Hotel Engelberg will serve Brauerei Sutton's "Hill of Angels Abbey Dubbel" (8.2%abv) on it's restaurant and bar menus. They are suggesting customers try it with dinner instead of wine.


En guete Mitenand! Enjoy your meal folks!


June 1st 2017


Ski Lodge Engelberg

Erlenweg 36,

6390 Engelberg

Ski Lodge Engelberg was founded in 2008 by some local ski-fanatics and it (the bar especially) quickly became the meeting/partying spot for both locals and visitors alike. Their fantastic "Brasserie Konrad" (Lonely Planet's favourite Engelberg restaurant) serves some seriously mouth-watering seasonal cuisine and they specialise in serving locally-sourced wines and beers.


Ski Lodge Engelberg is now serving Butcher's Brown Ale (5.6%abv), Alcoholic Ginger beer (5.1%abv) and the Sutton/Keimling collaboration brew, Hill of Angels Abbey Dubbel (8.2%abv).


25th May 2017


Metzgerei Blättler,

Stadthofstrasse 12,

6006 Luzern

Since 1895 Metzger Blättler has been making the finest sausages in the land. Some say, he now also sells the finest beer in the land!


From today, Metzgerei Blättler is stocking Sutton's Butcher's Brown Ale and the newly released Sutton/Keimling collaboration brew, our Hill of Angels Abbey Dubbel (8.2%abv).

Blättler Luzern Öffnungszeiten:


Mo / Di      7:00 - 12:00  /  14:00 - 18:30

Mi              7:00 - 12:00  /   Geschlossen

Do / Fr      7:00 - 12:00  /  14:00 - 18:30

Sa              7:00 - 12:30  /   Geschlossen


6th April 2017


Restaurant Geissmatt

St. Karlistrasse 13a,


Bruno at the amazing Restaurant Geismatt now serves Sutton's Swiss Chocolate Porter Ale and Sutton's Alcoholic Ginger Beer.

SIOS Brewing Trophy 2017


March 11th 2017

Hotel Bleiche, Wald 8636, Zurich


Results from SIOS 2017:

2nd. Place Silver Medal

"English Pale Ale"

Category: "British Pale Ale"


12 entries - We equaled our 2nd place Silver Medal of last year with our (Ringwood Old Thumper-style) EPA creation, so we are very pleased to repeat that achievement :)

4th. Place


Category: "India Pale Ale"


18 entries - This is the toughest category of the day for sure: we got a 6th place last year so happy to have bettered that with our hoptastic, High Hops IPA.

4th Place

"Swiss Chocolate Porter"

Category: "Querschläger"


12 entries - Another very tough category; this category is an open category for beers that don't have a specific category of their own and so it contains all manner of amazing zymological creations.

4th. Place

"Alcoholic Ginger Beer"

Category: "Bier mit Gewurtz"


12 entries - Disappointing result for our AGB this year as it placed 2nd last year, but it was a much stronger, sweeter brew than last year, and the judges did note/comment on the extra sweetness....


9th March 2017


Wolf Burger & Steak Bar

(On Helvetiaplatz, in Luzern )


Now serving a selection of Sutton's Swiss real ales and  also Sutton & Weir's Alcoholic Ginger Beer.

Swiss Premium Craft Ale meets Swiss Premium Craft Burger..... What more is there to say? Only Cheers and En Guete Mitenand!!

Wolf Burger & Steak in the news here:

Wolf Burger & Steak Bar

Waldstätterstrasse 3
6003 Luzern

Telefon 041 210 55 00

9th January 2017

World Beer Idol

Prague, Czech Republic.

Final Results:

Burton IPA - Bronze Medal

Category: English IPA

World Beer Idol 2017

Prague, Czech Republic

Sutton's has entered three real ales into World Beer Idol 2017 in Prague. This is our first international competition and as it is in Prague, one of the broadly recognized homes of beer, we are even more nervous than we would be normally! Last year a brewery formed in 1455 won the World Beer Idol Prize, so we are up against some seriously well established brews and brands!


Judging on Jan 7th 2017 and the results are posted Jan 14th.  Cheers!


Dukes Restaurant in Sihlbrugg is now serving Sutton's Alcoholic Ginger Beer. Dukes is a large restaurant that changes into a nightclub/party bar at the weekends. They also have a new "Western Bar" upstairs where the Ginger Beer will feature. Cheers!


Bar59 in Luzern is serving Sutton's Butcher's Brown Ale and Sutton's Alcoholic Ginger Beer as their Guest Beers. Bar59 is one of the biggest party bars in Luzern. Cheers!



The crowdfunded Beer-Bottling-Machine project goal was reached, and the funds have now been deployed!  Much love to all involved with getting this funded! If you were a "Booster" that helped to fund the purchase of this fantastic new beer bottling machine and want to come and play with it, please just let me know!




Sutton's are sponsoring a charity beach volleyball day on 27.08.2016 in Kussnacht-am-Rigi at Luterbach.


Our Alcoholic Ginger Beer is being provided to support the players and helpers!


More info here:



Unterwaldner Biertag 2016 - October 15th

Following the success of the 1st Biertag last year, Roman is doing it again! This year it is in the Kaputzinerkloster in Stans. Come early as there were ridiculous queues last year due to the HUGE demand for our fantstic OW/NW craft beers!


Bistro54 in Stans is now serving Sutton's Butcher's Brown Ale and Sutton & Weir's Alcoholic Ginger Beer. Bistro54 has made it their mission to support small local (OW, NW) brewers, so pop in and try the local brews from Sutton's, High5, Keimling, Briesenbrau and more!


Thanks to the Viki, The Rote Perle Restaurant (LU) is now serving Sutton & Weir's Alcoholic Ginger Beer & Butcher's Brown Ale. Opening times are on-demand for private parties, but it seems most people are demanding every Friday after work.... so check Viki's FB page for details!

RESULTS B&R Beer Contest 2016

1st. Place Gold Medal  

Brauerei Sutton

"Sutton & Weir's Alcoholic Ginger Beer"

Category: "Bier mit Gewürz"

2nd. Place Silver Medal

Brauerei Sutton

"Dallenwiler Swiss Kölsch"

Category: "Kölsch/Pilsner"


Brauerei Sutton's first Gold Medal in a beer comp with "Sutton & Weir's Alcoholic Ginger Beer" (AGB). Our AGB also won a Silver Medal in the SIOS Trophy this year too, so this result is the icing on the cake for the AGB team with an extra large doffing of the hat going to Mr. William Weir.

The B&R Beer Contest was divided into 16 categories of beer, which were contested by 270 different beers, entered into what is now the biggest open beer brewing competition in Switzerland.


Open-door day at the new B&R Shop in Aarau was also a HUGE success. How could it not be with possibly the best ever selection of Swiss beers in one room!


Congratulations to Silvia & Schoggi for setting up such an AMAZING new brew, shop, bar & beer space. 


B&R Beer Contest 2016

Datum 28.Mai Prämierung


Brau-und Rauchshop veranstaltet zum ersten Mal ein Bier Wettbewerb. Uns war wichtig ein kompletes Jury Team unter der Leitung von Head Judge Laurent Mousson zusammen zu stellen. Mit dem Ziel die eingereichten Biere in einer blind Degustation nach fairen, professionellen Kriterien zu bewerten. Nebst Preisen erhalten die Teilnehmer auch das Feedback der Jury.


Ort: Brau-und Rauchshop, Hauptstrasse 1, 5026 Densbüren.



BRAUEREI SUTTON is very happy to report that it has just been awarded the CAMRA "Real Ale In a Bottle" (RAIB) accreditaion for the three ales that were submitted for testing and approval for RAIB status by CAMRA in the UK.


Click the logo to the right to go to CAMRA's website for more information on RAIB!


Butcher's Brown Ale

English Pale Ale

Burton IPA

Swiss Beer Day 2016 - Friday April 29th


To celebrate Swiss Beer Day, we will open the Brewery and Ye Olde Beer Shoppe up in Dallenwil for guided Brewery tours and Swiss Real Ale tastings.


Opening Times: From 14.00 - 21.00


If you are coming by car, please park in Dallenwil "Dorfplatz" carpark 50m before the brewery. The brewery is only a 3 minute walk from Dallenwil train station.


RSVP if you are definitely coming. Cheers!

SIOS Brewing Trophy 2016


April 2nd 2016

Hotel Bleiche, Wald 8636, Zurich


Brauerei Sutton is entering into 5 categories of beer this year. After happily placing second in the Kölsch category in 2015, we are hoping to equal and better that this year.


Results from SIOS 2016:

2nd. Place Silver Medal

"English Pale Ale"

Category: "British Pale Ale"

2nd. Place Silver Medal

"Sutton & Weir's Alcoholic Ginger Beer"

Category: "Bier mit gewurtz"

4th Place

"Dallenwiler Swiss Kölsch"

Category: "Kölsch"

6th Place

"Burton IPA"

Category: "IPA"

6th Place

"Flanagan's Irish Red Ale"

Category: "Querschläger"

1st. Unterwaldner Biertag


Oktober 17th 2015.


Chäs Lager - Stans

14.00 - 21.00


info: Click here

SIOS Brewing Trophy 2015

2nd. Place Silver Medal

"Dallenwiler Swiss Kölsch"

Category: "Kölsch/Pilsner"

24TH November 2014


Swiss brewery #765 is licensed to produce and sell beer and other alcoholic drinks at the new Dallenwil, NW, brewery location.

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Brauerei Sutton

Wiesenbergstrasse 1

6383 Dallenwil, Nidwalden