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I will give you a case of Sutton beer twice a year for life, one at Christmas and one on your Birthday. If you would like more than two cases per year and would like to support the Sutton brewery with a larger donation, simply add more of this item into your basket :)

You will also be invited (with a friend) to come for a brewday with Tim Sutton at the Brauerei Sutton Brewery in Dallenwil. From crushing the malt to pitching the yeast, you will get to do and see it all. You will also get two cases of beer each to take away with you. And a free lunch while you are at the brewery :) Cheers!

You will also get to sponsor the latest machine purchase/one of my 625 litre fermentation tanks with your company logo/Girlfriend's name or whatever it is you want to advertise. I will explain why that name is on the machine/tank every time I show it off and I will thank you outloud every time I use it!!


This donation will be backed-up by an official donation/performance contract.





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