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I am very happy to announce that this beer has won a Gold Medal at the 2021 Craft Beer Awards in London....It goes without saying that I am very, very happy to win a gold medal in England for an English style IPA that is hand-brewed in Switzerland :)))


This beer comes in a huge (one-way) 750ml bottle....(1.32 Imperial pints / 1.5 US pints). 


I can also mail a six-pack of these badboys anywhere in Switzerland. Simply use the drop down list and then choose "send a six-pack" in the sending options. You can also "send this to a friend" by simply putting in their name & address at checkout! Cheers!!



A traditional Burton-upon-Trent style India Pale Ale brewed with a freshly crushed blend of premium English malted Barley, crystal malt and sprinkle of limited edition Toasted Malted Oats from Crisp Malts in the UK; bittered and flavoured with two classic English hops. This all blends together to make a well-balanced, malty IPA that exhibits the traditional Burton IPA spicy, marmalade finish. A joyous, party-style India Pale Ale that is also fermented with top-fermenting premium English Ale yeast.


Jury tasting notes from Falstaff Beer Trophy 2019:

"Ein klassisches, englisches Oldschool- IPA. Von mittlerer Kuperfarbe mit leichter Trübung. Sehr dichte, stabile Schaumkrone. In der Nase reiffruchtig mit Noten von Quitten- und Apfelmarmelade, dazu malzig-karamellige Nuancen. Im Mund von mittlerer Dichte mit zupackender, harmonischer Bittere. Finish von Hopfennoten geprägt".



2021 The Craft Beer Awards, London, England - Gold Medal 

2019 Falstaff Beer Trophy (Germany, Austria & Switzerland) 92/100 points.

This was highest score awarded to a Swiss brewery in the IPA category and technically, with this score, I beat Carlsberg at beer :) (The Carlsberg-owned Valaisanne White IPA scored only 90/100)

2018 Swiss Beer Award, Bern, Switzerland - Silver Medal

2017 World Beer Idol, Prague, Czech Republic - Bronze Medal

2016 CAMRA (UK) - Real Ale in a Bottle (RAIB) Accreditation


Alc. 5.6% ABV

Bitterness: IBU 38.7 (medium)

Colour: EBC 26 (copper/brown)

Carbonation: 1.9vols CO2 (low/med)

O.G. 1055

Serve @ 10°C

750ml. Crown-cap bottle


CHF12.00 Regular Price
CHF10.80Sale Price
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