A unique and concise golf instructional book designed to quickly and painlessly get your handicap down from 24 to 10.


Print Length: 25 pages

Language: English


Published Sept. 2010


This REAL WORLD USER GUIDE Is written by a real world golfer (Tim Sutton) who has just gone through this arduous battle himself and who is now a comfortable (and smiling) single handicapper. The author is also a qualified ski instructor who has a great eye for spotting flow and balance and movement.


The author then has fresh real-world hindsight to pull from to assist you to also get down to a 10 handicap.....unlike most golf-pro's, who were a scratch (0) handicap by the time they hit 16 years of age!! How can they possibly know what a stubborn 20 year golf hacker needs to do to alter their game for the better?!! Answer? They can't know, as they have always been good!!!


With 100's of happy customers, I am sure you will also find many tips and pointers here that will rapidly help your game, just as they have helped and continue to help my game.  Please let me stress, that having just gone through this myself, I KNOW what things really helped me improve, and now having successfully tried my real world user guide on many of my friends, I am sure it will help you too.


A happy customer's feedback:


"Never too old to learn"

Reviewed in the United States on June 24, 2017

"At 72 after reading this book I'm able to use my driver.  Within 2 days I'm driving the ball 220 yards straight. Thanks my boy".





HOW TO PLAY GOLF by Tim Sutton