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Would you like to serve Sutton beer on draft in your bar or restaurant, man-cave or private party? Now is your chance! 

The kegs I use are the brilliant POLYKEG one-way PET kegs. (Standard Swiss Sankey-S serving Head).  These kegs preserve the beer's "real ale" status as the beer conditions in the cask and no CO2/air comes into contact with the product whilst it is conditioning, or whilst it is being served.  The kegs have an amazing inner liner double walled construction and a unique always-sealed serving system.


I can also supply for rental, a Lindr two-tap beer compressor that simply plugs in and goes; no gas bottle needed. It also chills the beer on demand, so it is great for events and parties as the keg does not need to be kept cold.


"An award-winning gluten-free IPA that exhibits a full malty body, hints of caramel and a huge punch of aromatic hops. Certified gluten content: <10ppm".​


HIGH HOPS IPA pairs well with:  Spicy Asian curry, roasted sea-bass, carrotcake, oasis.​




2022 Craft Beer Awards London, England - ​Gold Medal 

Category: "Gluten-free beer"


2020 At the 26th Edition of the SIOS Trophy - Third Place (216 Punkte)- Category IPA 

This is the oldest, and some say, the most prestigious Swiss beer award there is.


2019 B&R Beer Contest, Aarau, Switzerland - Second Place - Category IPA

There were 45 Swiss IPA entered into this hotly contested category.



Alcoholic Content: Alc. 6.2% Vol.

Store chilled - serve cool.

Size 330ml. one-way bottle.


*The gluten content of Brew #197 was officially tested on 25.08.2022 and it was successfully confirmed as containing under 10ppm of gluten. The test was done by an accredited Swiss food safety laboratory in Bern.  


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