Would you like to serve Sutton beer on draft in your bar or restaurant or man-cave?

Currently available for delivery in keykegs for Gastro and Private sales:

The kegs I use to deliver my ales preserve the beer's "real ale" status as the beer conditions in the cask and no CO2/air comes into contact with the product whilst it is conditioning, or whilst it is being served.  The kegs have an amazing inner liner double walled construction and a unique always-sealed serving system.

The kegs are the brilliant KEYKEG one-way PET kegs.  (I can also supply the keykeg serving adapters to fit your current beer lines too).


I can also supply a variety of different serving methods for different situations:


- A Lindr two-tap beer compressor that simply plugs in and goes. It also chills the beer if needed, so it is great for events and parties.


- An Angram's traditional beer engine manual beer pump (like in the pubs in England, see below pictures). It has a water cooling-jacket so can be plumbed in.


- If you need to be a bit more mobile, manual "keykeg party-pumps" that simply click o