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After smoothly transitioning (read kicked-out) from my home kitchen to the new brewery space in Dallenwil, I am looking for help to increase my beer production capabilities. At the moment I have many small plastic (food grade!) fermentation tanks, but nothing very männlich or shiny.

I could instantly increase my batch-size from 250 litres to 500 litres (i.e do a double-brew straight into the one one tank) if I can source 2,500chf for a new Speidel water-jacket-cooled 625 litre stainless steel fermentation tank. 


I am looking to raise this donation by offering to give you a case of beer twice a year, one on your Birthday and another one at Christmas, for life. 






Update 15.10.15:

Thanks a million to Jack A. for his trust and forsight in accepting the challenge to help me brew more beer.  Our shiny new tank has now been bought and THE JACK TANK is now bubbling away filled to the brim with a double-batch of Burton IPA. Whoop!!  Cheers Jack!!


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