Discover the next generation of Coffee serving technology. The NAIKO dispenser meets the most modern demand of the specialty global coffee industry with a perfect synergy from proven first-in-class technology for the forward-looking demands of our customers.


The NAIKO Dispenser with its integrated high-precision injection module, features a groundbreaking real-time constant/stable injection pressure for smoothly dispensing beverages like Nitro Cold Brew Coffee, Nitro Tea, Nitro Cocktails and milk drinks like Matcha Latte.....


Thanks to the high-performance dry cooler, the dispenser can easily handle a high daily load, even in hot environments. Infinite Nitrogen supply taken from the ambient air and an integrated cooling system makes our NAIKO Dispenser the most advanced premium Nitrogen dispenser on the market. The fast and accurate injection and cooling capabilities allow for high capacity serving without compromising the consistency and taste and without the need of a separate nitrogen supply and installation.


Patented jet-nozzle technology serves a perfectly creamy Nitro Cold Brew Coffee every time. The elegant and minimalistic body made of first-class components, powder coated in black or white, are sure to impress with the high-quality feel and robust durability.  NAIKO is the perfect choice for coffee shops and restaurants seeking innovative gastro products with good margin potential. The design, construction, and technological development of Naiko are all done in Germany. Vorsprungkaffeeteknik indeed! 


The Naiko dispenser has a simple minimalistic design and requires very little counter space or ongoing maintainance. Our Plug & Play "immediate serving" promise makes it easy to operate with minimum fuss and maximum efficiency.


Organic Coffee concentrate for self-mixing (very easy to do!!) is also available from Brauerei Sutton,


"FixFertig" SUTTON organic cold brewed coffee in 30 litre keykegs is also available for (Luzern area) delivery by Brauerei Sutton.