Whilst this course in not available at the moment, gift vouchers can be purchased for courses after the apocalypse is over.


Currently brew courses will only start again from: April 1st 2021.

CURRENT 2020 SITUATION: Not available.  


Private beer brewing day course, MAXIMUM 5 people per Braukurs. Book this course for one person and bring upto 4 friends along with you.


The course is run using a 150 litre Polsinelli brew machine. 09.00 - 16.00.


You get to see how to fine tune a beer recipe, crush the grains, mash in, learn how to monitor the brew, add the hops and pitch the yeast.


Beers on the day are included and we usually order pizza for lunch from the Italian down the road.


It is possible to return and help bottle the brew you made a few weeks later!


Custom labels and buying some (or all) of the 150 litre brew can also be arranged (5chf/litre +label costs).  We can also brew "your" receipe if you commit to buying the whole of the brew (and pay for the ingredients etc. this can all be arranged between us later though,  no problem). 


Please note:  Bring splash-proof shoes (and no, flip-flops are not splash-proof shoes!)