Brewed by Brauerei Sutton using the juice from Sicilian lemons.


Delivered weekly/daily to the Luzern area as per customer requirements.  30 litres of ready to serve nitro lemonade. This is a "still" not fizzy lemonade designed specifically for the Naiko Nitro dispenser.  90 day shelf-life after "opening" due to the "always closed" "no light" "no air" keykegs we use. 


Simply tap the keykeg onto your NAIKO* and you are ready to go. 


*Also fits your current beer tap lines for "non-nitro" regular beer tap serving!!


This equates to you to a cost of only 2chf per 200ml iced nitro lemonade serving that you make, and with a normal resale price north of 5chf per serving, this "fixfertig" Brauerei Sutton nitro lemonade solution is a great answer for busy takeaways, bars and restaurants looking to find new exciting products which have good margins without the need for massive investment or time consuming and sanitary daily preps! 


Custom brewed Sutton fixfertig lemonade mixes made to your "house receipe" wishes are most warmly welcomed!  Want a squeeze of lime or a sprig of mint adding to your signature house iced tea nitro brew, we can make that happen.


Contact us for a non-binding discussion/demonstration/tasting visit. 






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