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Printed on Demand and sent to you directly from the manufacturer; so please ensure you enter your home address at checkout!! To Confirm: This will not be delivered with your beer order and cannot be picked up in Ebikon!!!! It will come by mail usually 10-21 days after order (NB. Shipping costs are included in the 24.99chf sticker price).


Your purchase of this epically cool beer cooler sleeve will directly and immediately support the award winning, independent Swiss craft beer brewery Brauerei Sutton - which can be found here: - Cheers to you!


Material: durable slip-resistant neoprene .:

Fits standard 12 oz cans and 33cl Sutton Beer bottles .:

Black interior .:

Collapsible for easy storage .:

1/4" (0.63 cm) thick

Very Cool Beer Can Cooler Sleeve #1

SKU: 12042715124922865105
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