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Virtual tour of the Sutton brewery and a curated beer tasting of Sutton Beers with owner and brewer Tim Sutton hosting the party.  Party together with all of your invited colleagues, drinking the same beers from the Sutton Brewery in Central Switzerland at the same time.


I will send a box of 6 Sutton beers (3 different sorts) to your group members home addresses so we can all open and drink the same type of beer at the same time, at the place it was brewed, with the man who brewed and bottled it :)


Perfect for those forward thinking Swiss companies that are looking for a fun company event without actually having a company event!


"I definitely recommend Tim and the Sutton brewery for a virtual beer tasting. We had loads of fun and learned some interesting facts about beer and also how beer is brewed. Tim also gave us a virtual tour around his brewery and was very knowledgeable in the "beer" area. So if you want to have fun with your team or friends and family, call Tim Sutton! 

Reference from the organiser of a Sutton Virtual Brewery Tour and Beer Tasting for 49 people at an insurance company in Zurich.


We will connect via video call at the appointed time and I will walk you round the brewery whilst we all have a few beers together. Questions about brewing and beer in general are of course welcomed throughout the party and I will run you through the basics of real ale brewing and show you how I brew my award winning beers.


The basic cost of the tour and tasting party is 750chf for 1-5 people. All 5 people will all get a box of 6 Sutton beers each mailed to them (usually 2 bottles of 3 different beer styles/types), Each person extra who joins us (that I send a box of beers to) costs 65chf extra per person. So to be clear. You can do this on your own and it costs 750chf and you get 5 boxes of 6 beers sent to you. Or, you give me five addresses and I send 6 x beers to all 5 people. Most I have done so far is 49 people and it worked just fine :)


Please use the drop down list above to choose how many people IN TOTAL you are inviting to join us for the party (including yourself but not including me!) I can do this in English and most of it in French. My German is basic but I know the key brewing words/processes etc. I appreciate all members may not be native English speakers so I will do my best to not babble on too much/too fast and I will try to answer in whatever language the question is asked in.....until that turns out to be a bad idea....haha English is best for sure though.


The 6-pack beer sendings and quoted prices are for sendings within Switzerland; I DO NOT send internationally anymore. I am sorry. (although I can send them to you in CH and you can send them on internationally:)


Drop me a line and we can have or talk and fix a date suitable for all. Usually this is Friday evening 17.00-18.30 CET. But we can do whatever time suits you. N.B Currently I need a good 2/3 weeks notice to prep/send all the beer boxes and to fix a date suitable for us.  Wierd times and weekends are doable, but cost more :) Arrangements can be made to split bigger teams than this into different sessions/times if need be.


Payment is due upon confirmed sending of the beers to the participants.


Please contact me for a non-binding chat and lets see what we can do together!! 




Tim Sutton


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