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Would you like to serve Sutton beer on draft in your bar or restaurant or man-cave?

Currently available for delivery in keykegs for Gastro and Private sales:

The kegs I use are the brilliant POLYKEG one-way PET kegs. (Standard Swiss Sankey-S serving Head).  These kegs preserve the beer's "real ale" status as the beer conditions in the cask and no CO2/air comes into contact with the product whilst it is conditioning, or whilst it is being served.  The kegs have an amazing inner liner double walled construction and a unique always-sealed serving system.


"A dark, vinous, old-school, English Northern Brown Ale traditionally bottle aged. Brewed at the Sutton brewery (which used to be a butcher's shop) in Dallenwil, using premium Maris Otter pale ale barley from England, English hops and English Yeast". 


"Massive winey bouquet of rich fruit with peppery hop notes. Toffee & roasted malt in the mouth with a deep bitter-sweet liquorice finish". ​


Now on tap at db Public House Luzern (at Luzern Kantonalbank) using a traditional Angrams beer engine hand-pump :))))



2019 European Beer Challenge, London, England - Gold Medal

2018 Swiss Beer Award, Bern, Switzerland - Silver Medal

2016 CAMRA (UK) - Real Ale in a Bottle (RAIB) Accreditation.



Alc. 5.6% ABVBitterness:

IBU 30.8 (low/med)

Colour: EBC 35 (brown)

O.G. 1055 ​Serve @ 12°C ​


I can also supply for rental, a Lindr two-tap beer compressor that simply plugs in and goes; no gas bottle needed. It also chills the beer on demand, so it is great for events and parties as the keg does not need to be kept cold.



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