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The Lindr Home Beer-tap is the perfect addition to any home bar. It is easy to use, and its advanced cooling technology keeps your beer fresh and cold. With its high-quality materials and construction, you can be sure that this beer tap will last for years to come. Enjoy a perfect glass of beer every time with the Lindr Home Beer-tap!


This machine comes with a built in compressor so no extra gas bottles are needed to serve the beer.


As Sutton beer comes in Keykegs (bag in keg), this means that the air from the compressor doesn't come into contact with the product, extending the life of the beer immeasurably (i.e the keg is in effect still closed even when nearly empty). 


Comes with a keykeg serving adapter head and all the necessary tubing from kegkeg to tap. Also comes with a lovely drip tray.


Works with other keg systems too, you just need to chenge the serving head (usually around 75chf).


Luzern delivery/pickup only as these don't post so well :)



Lindr Home Beer-tap

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