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Brauerei Sutton Event Bar, Beer Taps and Sutton Beer.


Basic call out fee is 350chf per day for the Sutton bar to be brought and set up in your garden/event venue. Having Tim Sutton, owner of Brauerei Sutton host the bar and serve the beers for you is 150chf-1500chf extra, depending on what your event is/how many guests etc/where it is and how late it goes on for etc etc.


Sutton Beer is 10chf/litre extra to the day-cost and info on my beers can be found on - Usually working on the “1 litre per guest” means your party will not run out of beer. My beer is in 30 litre kegs. Unfinished kegs can be returned. 


The V-bar shown is about 3m wide. I also have an event tent that fits over the bar that keeps me and my machines dry. The tent is brought at no extra cost if you have space (4mx4m). Hoch-Tisch for the guests (x5) are 10chf each per day extra. The bar needs an electric point for lights and the beer machines.


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