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In 1868 Queen Victoria visited Luzern for an incognito holiday beside the lake. This thirst-quenching, light and fruity, pilsner-style* ale was brewed in her honour.


Victoria 1868 is a hybrid, pilsner-style-ale that is brewed with the perfect Swiss mountain water, noble hops and premium English barley; it is then gently "top-fermented" with high quality Kölsch ale yeast.  Whilst Victoria 1868 may look and act like your typical pilsner/lager/Kölsch, she is still a "real ale", which means: unpasteurized, unfiltered and bottle conditioned i.e the fizziness in the beer comes from the yeast performing a secondary fermentation directly in the bottle.


* In 1927 Switzerland made an agreement with the Czech Republic that the Swiss wouldn't call any beer made in Switzerland "Pilsner" or "Pils", and the Czech's wouldn't call any of their cheeses Emmentaler....hence the Swiss word "Spezial" (or "Spezli") for a Swiss-brewed pilsner-style beer. ​- EDIT - 31.12.22 - This law has just been repealed so we can now call beer brewed in Switzerland Pils or Pilsner - However I am keeping this brew named as it is :)



2019 European Beer Challenge, London, England - Gold Medal

Category "Experimental beer" (entered as a Hybrid Pilsner/ale)


Alc. 4.7% Vol.

330ml. Crown cap bottle.


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