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As a self-employed beer brewer running an ever expanding craft beer brewery, so far without bank-debts, I always have the need for help with the funding of my next machine so that I can up my production capabilities and streamline my processes.  Below is the history of the Sutton Crowdfunded New Beer Machine Projects that have directly resulted in me being able to expand my award winning brewery and make more great craft beer for the world :)


Also below is my "Always on" crowdfunding effort where with a donation of  5,000chf you can become a supporter of Brauerei Sutton for life.... For this awesome level of independent craft beer support, I will bring/send you a case of beer on your Birthday and another at Christmas for life (currently this is a return of 3.6% per annum on your investment*).  You will also (with a friend) get to come to the Sutton brewery for a private brewday with me at your convenience. All funds raised in this way will be kept solely for buying new machines and hardware and I will be very happy to put your company logo/girlfriend's name on whatever machine/hardware it is that we get. 

Next in line for purchase:

- 150 x Black beer cases (1500chf)

- A bottle un-scambling table for my labelling machine (3000chf)

- A bottle catching table for my labelling machine (2500chf)

- A 625 litre fermentation tank and tank cooling system (5000chf )

- A pallet shelving arrangement in my storeroom to optimise my storage capabilities (5000chf)

- An electro pallet lift to lift the pallets on and off the above mentioned pallet shelves (5,000chf)

- A pro-level bottling/canning machine and bottling/mixing tank (50,000chf)

- A pro-level 1000 litre brewhouse installation (100,000chf)

- A brewpub brewing and serving Sutton ales on tap (1,000,000chf)

- A chain of brewpubs brewing and serving Sutton ales on tap (10,000,000chf)

* This is not an investment, it is a donation. An official donation/performance contract will be provided.

Previous Brauerei Sutton Crowdfunding Projects:

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