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Sutton Beer Labelling Machine Crowdfunding Project 

Sutton needs your help to label his beer bottles!


Having successfully crowdfunded my fantastic beer bottling machine (that I still use!), with Crowdify/100days in 2016, I am now back to ask for your help with the labelling of my award winning beers.

With my current manual labelling machine, it takes me two days to label a brew of 500 litres/1500 bottles. I now do three brews per month so I currently spend a huge amount of time slowly/manually sticking labels on bottles. If this project is successful, my new labelling system will allow me to label 1500 bottles in about 3 hours; and by so doing will immediately give me more time to brew more beer and deliver more beer. :)))

Your support is massively appreciated, especially in this very difficult time for gastro suppliers.



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Brauerei Sutton

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6383 Dallenwil, Nidwalden